New law lets cyclists enrage drivers who are not too distracted by their iPhones



In an effort to get drivers to look up from texting and get angrier at cyclists, a new law will give pedalers the right to blow through a red light IF the traffic signal’s sensors won’t pick up the bike AND they wait for a full cycle.

How thoughtful.

Many traffic signals use metal detectors embedded in the asphalt to let the signal know a motorist is waiting. Often enough, the sensors are not sensitive enough to detect two-wheelers.

Up until now, or next month when the law takes effect, lawmakers expected cyclists (and moped riders) to sit at the red light until hair grew out their ears.

Motorcyclists had the right to blow a red if the sensors weren’t sensing them, but not bikes, which have even less metal on them (On Bainbridge bicycles are made of carbon fiber and kitten whiskers, which is why the city has installed traffic signal detectors that can sense a person’s chakras).

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, as you read this on your iPhone while driving on Highway 303, when has the law ever stopped a bicyclist from running a red? The answer: never!

An interesting note on the new law:

It is not a defense to a traffic citation … (to proceed through a red light) … under the belief that the signal used a vehicle detection device, when it did not; or that the signal was inoperative due to the size of the bicycle, assisted bicycle, or moped, when the device was in fact operative.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize an exemplary traffic signal. The left turn light on the traffic light regulating the Bucklin Hill Road and Tracyton Boulevard intersection in Silverdale is a very sensitive and considerate traffic light, and always takes the time to notice my cromoly frame and let me pass.


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