Sixty-eight bottles of booze seized by police; shoplifting investigation continues

The police investigation against a cadre of suspected liquor thieves continues. In the meantime, Port Orchard Police Commander Geoff Marti sent over a few pictures from the results of the search warrant investigators served on the SUV the suspects were riding around in. Have a look at all 68 bottles’ worth.

That’s a lot of Grey Goose.

It’s been a taxing year on the shoplifting front for newly-empowered liquor retailers in the state, following the implementation of Initiative 1183. In Kitsap County alone, three cases in which groups of shoplifters purloined bottles of booze are pending.

The problem spurred the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to write the state’s Liquor Control Board, asking the board to make retailers track and report their liquor thefts. After a rule-making process, that will start to happen. Then, we’ll truly see just how much of a problem liquor theft has been.


One thought on “Sixty-eight bottles of booze seized by police; shoplifting investigation continues

  1. Since this was in a vehicle, was it impounded? The people may get out of jail on bail but it seems like evidence – including the car – can be held until the trial. That will hurt them more than any fine.

    Have to wonder if any buyers paid by check. Might want to look at their accounts and see if any buyers of stolen goods can be found.

    Finally, will the goods go to police auction? Don’t drink, myself, but some bargain hunter would like to score these bottles if the stores they are from can’t be identified.

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