Liquor thefts may be up, but so are sales

 Turns out that while thefts of liquor from grocery stores are skyrocketing, sales are on the up, too. 

The state’s Department of Revenue reported Tuesday that liquor sales by volume were almost three percent higher during the first four months of privatization than they were a year earlier.

Get this: almost 13.6 million liters were sold from June through September, the first months of Initiative 1183’s impact, while 13.2 million liters were sold a year earlier in state liquor stores.

The Department of Revenue also announced that the taxes on liquor have pushed up their price. The average price for a liter — including taxes — was $24.09 in September. (Compare that to $21.58 when the state ran the business.)

Click here to see a monthly report on liquor sales.

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