Live Blog: State vs. Mollet, Day 3

CASE BACKGROUND: Today is the likely conclusion to the case of state of Washington vs. Megan Mollet. Mollet, 19, is charged by prosecutors with rendering criminal assistance to the man authorities say shot and killed Washington State Trooper Tony Radulescu in February. She is also charged with making false statements.

Mollet’s attorney says that she was under duress at the time and after the shooting.

The live blog will begin shortly.

9 thoughts on “Live Blog: State vs. Mollet, Day 3

  1. Hi Josh, What is Molletts demeanor ie; voice inflections during this questioning? (monotone, obtuse, alert etc…)

  2. This is a case of Revenge not Justice. Justice was served by Josh when he killed himself. It is natural to want revenge when you loose a loved one to a murder. However this girl did not kill trooper Tony and I believe had Josh not killed himself not one of the 6 charged would serve a day in jail they would plea out to testify against Josh..

  3. I find it very disturbing they can bring charges like this against someone. Just a bit of advise for everyone .. If ever the police want to talk to you about anything ask for an attorney.. Had Megan asked for an attorney I don’t think they could have charged her like this.. Please correct me if I am wrong anyone..

  4. Had she told the police the truth, she wouldn’t be here. And she’s homeless because she used drugs. Stop making excuses for her behaviors.

  5. Its hard too believe she’s on trial for this she didn’t do anything but not tell that she was there.wake up people I feel for trooper tony and his but this kids only crime is doing drugs an caring or befriending a dirt bag….an yes i had. My run in. Withhim 2 an kcs had toshow up I was repoing his car….

  6. As for her fb being used last time I checked u can’t use a computer in jail an she’s been in there sense the. Start of this thing right so what did. She use mind power to do. HerB up dates………I. was just wondering is all good luck I hope u win

  7. Terry, I would disagree.

    Mollett had the opportunity to be clear of charges by simply doing the right thing, contacting the police and offering the truth as soon as she was out of the murderers presence. She chose not to and continued to lie, even in jail scribing “racist” comments on public owned property. She may have spent a day or so in custody while things were being sorted out however, she would not be in the position she finds herself now.

    I would actually like to see her charged again for the vandalism of our jail.

    She is not an innocent little girl like her friends and family keep claiming. I read her facebook and the facebooks of EVERY friend on her facebook and a lot of their friends. Even looked up the questionable ones through the WA courts. I am calling that innocence claim as the bull that it is. She was a doped up litlle meth head that hung with a “live hard, die hard” drug and alcohol crowd.

    Unfortunately someone did die and we respected him.

  8. Ok now that I can post here Megan has had no control of her fb at all since this has happened nor was that her profile picture on it she erased her Facebook before any of this happened…. Then once Megans friends started blowing up the sisters phone to find out what was going on the sister put the profile up and changed the picture….. And Megan has expressed sympathy for trooper Tony to her sister because her sister is the only person she feels like she can trust

  9. And as for a comment about obviously the girl who forgot to turn off her phone in the courtroom must be the kind of person Megan would hang out with…… There was also a woman in that courtroom who was shouting out, writing notes, texting, and screaming in peoples face for nothing more than saying hi….. Was she also megans friend??? Nope that would be the troopers gf

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