Out of the Darlene Green trial comes tweeting juror

On Friday, jurors weighing the case of Darlene Marie Green returned with a verdict of guilt on the charge of manslaughter. We had a story, in case you missed it, chronicling the jury’s decision.

As a reporter, I always like to discuss the trial with the jurors who handled it. But in this case, they were out the door before I left the courtroom. (Note: if any would want to discuss their feelings on the case, I’m all ears. Just drop a note to jfarley@kitsapsun.com.)

There was one juror in the case, though, that took to his Twitter account following the verdict. In fact, @adamoffburwell replied to my tweet of “The jury has reached a verdict in the case of Darlene Green,” with “yes we did,” and said he was juror No. 7.

@Adamoffburwell posted several tweets about his experience serving on the jury, including: “I felt the jury did its job in the darlene green case and didnt take the easy road.” I’ll let you see the rest for yourself.

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