Trooper: Motorcyclist goes ‘miles’ on highway with dog riding ‘rodeo’

A Washington state trooper publicly admonished the risky recent actions of a motorcyclist who’d plopped his dog on the back of his bike and rode “miles down” Highway 3.

Trooper Russ Winger took to Twitter to post the worrying photo. “Trooper stopped this duo in Kitsap Co Monday. Dog just standing on seat after miles on freeway,” he wrote.

You can see the photo here. The dog is standing up on the seat behind his driver, riding perpendicularly — and precariously — above the road.

Evidently, someone inquired whether having the dog ride shotgun was such a good idea. Long story short: no. Winger also injected a little humor into the situation.

“And since you asked, this is not safe or legal,” Winger wrote in a followup tweet. “Obviously not the dogs first rodeo-cuz he’s got style. Ticket ? Yes. Dog-verbal warning.”

4 thoughts on “Trooper: Motorcyclist goes ‘miles’ on highway with dog riding ‘rodeo’

  1. Glad he issued a ticket…..that after all is why the pay him, (to enforce the law) admonishment falls more to the judicial process.

  2. The Trooper should have let the dog drive home and made the man stand on the back seat. See how he likes it.

  3. All right. It looks like the dog and his owner are enjoying a motorcycle ride. I bet they had a Blast. Except the dog should be inside the owners jacket, to be more secure.

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