Thieves Are Eagerly Awaiting The Arrival of Your Christmas Presents, Too

‘Tis the season, unfortunately, that thieves are targeting those presents you send through UPS and other delivery services.

Port Orchard Police Commander Geoff Marti says that three people at different addresses — two on Gleneagle Avenue and one on Wexford Avenue — have reported their packages have been stolen right off their front porch.

Marti points out that this may be a vastly under-reported crime. For one, some packages are a surprise and thus the recipients may not even know they’re getting it.

Such opportunity crime is nothing new, unfortunately. But the culprits could be resorting to new lows, Marti said.

“It would be reasonable to believe that delivery trucks may be followed by the perpetrators,” he said.

Marti recommends that if you know you’re getting a package — or sending one — track your orders and try to be home when they arrive. Having packages delivered to your work address works too.

He also suggests watching out for such criminal activity.

“Everyone should watch for suspicious vehicles in neighborhoods,” he said. “Try to obtain vehicle license numbers, and please call police if something seems unusual.”

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