Lawsuit: ‘There Were No Signs Posted Advising of the Unsecured Shelf’

Blogger’s Note: This is a continuing feature on the blog that will provide synopses to recently filed Kitsap County lawsuits.

A woman has filed suit in Kitsap County Superior Court against against Ross Stores, Inc. after a December 2008 incident in which she was hit in the neck by an “unsecured shelf.”

The lawsuit, filed in September, states the woman was shopping there and going down an isle on Dec. 13, 2008, when “the shelf gave way causing the shelf to fall and hit her neck and causing pain in her neck and head area,” court documents say.

“There were no signs posted advising of the unsecured shelf,” the documents say.

The woman’s lawyer says she endured “damage, physical pain and suffering, and (sic) well as emotional pain and suffering, and incurred medical expenses all in the amount to be proven at the time of trial.”

Her attorney says they’re suing for negligence and “prays for judgment … as the court deems just and equitable.”

One thought on “Lawsuit: ‘There Were No Signs Posted Advising of the Unsecured Shelf’

  1. One third Plus expenses (that’s what its all about) for the “honorable” counsel…..usually the “expenses” exceed the “one third” – lawyers don’t have lunch in McDonalds.

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