Al Qaida Bomb or Tribal Fireworks? The Ferry Dogs Won’t Sniff the Difference

The many pooches that patrol the Washington State Ferries may find some petty crime this week as they make their usual rounds through the ferry loading lots.

Generally seeking to sniff out weapons of mass casualties, the dogs, trained to detect a multitude of explosive chemicals, will “alert” on carloads of fireworks — and if troopers find you’re carrying illegal ones, you’ll “be subject to criminal prosecution,” according to a Washington State Patrol press release.

“Ferry customers are expected to obey laws regarding legal fireworks in Washington State,” WSP Homeland Security Division Commander Captain Mark Thomas said in the release. “Legal fireworks include sparklers, ground spinners and roman candles. Illegal fireworks or other explosive devices are not allowed on ferries and will be confiscated and disposed of by the Washington State Patrol.”

To see which fireworks are legal and which are not, click here, whether you’re planning to go to the tribal fireworks establishments or just head to a local stand.

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