The Crime Stats Are Out (How Did Your Community Fare?)

This week, the Washington Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs (WASPC) released their annual report on crime in this state. I’m working today to analyze the numbers and get the thoughts about them from our local law enforcement leaders.

For the county, here’s the overall trends:

  • Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, assault) in the county fell about four percent, from 1,103 reported incidents to 1,060.
  • Property crime (theft, burglary, ect.) in the county, too, fell almost five percent, from 6,465 incidents to 6,170.

I’ve posted the report below, so you can see for yourself. I’ll be updating this entry throughout the rest of the day with tidbits and stats on each of our communities.

Crime stats overall
Violent crime (rape, robbery, murder, assault)
Property crime (theft, burglary, ect.)

Kitsap County Sheriff

2008            2009     %change
Violent crime       674            682      up, 1.2 percent
Property crime     3,789       3,267    down, 13.8 percent

Bainbridge Island
Violent crime       29             31          up, 6.9 percent
Property crime     324         304         down, 6.2 percent

Violent crime       308            250      down, 18.8 percent
Property crime     1,584       1,718    up, 8.5 percent

Port Orchard
Violent crime       50              52          up, 4 percent
Property crime      465         564         up, 21.3 percent

Violent crime       42            45              up, 7.1 percent
Property crime      303         317             up, 4.6 percent

Mason County Sheriff
Violent crime       140         133             down, 5 percent
Property crime     1,648       1,578        down, 4.2 percent


3 thoughts on “The Crime Stats Are Out (How Did Your Community Fare?)

  1. I was the victem of a crime where someone broke in to my vehical that was parked in a garage by Pacific Ave. They ripped the stereo out and Pried the security center conlose (a metal one) open just enough to take the beach towle and the faceplate to the stereo.
    My problem arose when I called 911 for 10 minutes and received the message that all circuits were busy and to please try my call again later. Once I got through I was told that they don’t send police out for that and I had to, when I got home, go online and make the report. I was maybe 3 or 4 blocks (in a straight line) away from the police station. I could see it from where I was standing.
    I am glad that there was not a life and death situation going on.

  2. @Superman— Had your call been a life or death situation a Deputy or Police Officer would have been immediately dispatched. Because your crime was not in progress you would have been bumped to the bottom of the list. Be thankful you live in an area where on line reporting is available. Imagine how long you would have waited if that were not an option….

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