Bremerton Detective Alloway on Drug Informants

Alloway hunting Impala in Africa in April.

There were no “confidential informants,” when Roy Alloway became a drug detective. The job was to “jump in there and buy drugs from people,” he said.

Alloway, who retired this past month — and whose strand of pot is featured on the cover of the Seattle Weekly — described the underground drug world as “just a bunch of circles,” when I interviewed him. “You just try and get one of the people in the circle to flip.”

From there, it’s a matter of working up the chain. “You take down the highest level (the informants) deal with,” he said. “One arrest becomes three and three become nine.”

Drug detectives often equate working with informants as a kind of baby-sitting.

“They’re not boy scouts,” Alloway said. “They’ll steal from you, take the drugs you¹re trying to buy, even perform sexual favors to pocket the money.”

5 thoughts on “Bremerton Detective Alloway on Drug Informants

  1. What’s up with the font? Don’t you want anyone over 50 to read this?

    You should write a story about guns and phallic symbols, metaphors for power and sexual prowess, etc… You’ve got some material here.

    Where are the conservatives who are always so outraged about the federal government impinging on state’s rights? Do they only defend the state laws they agree with?–_paramilitary_policing_is_out_of_control_/

  2. Bremerton must have one heck of a retirement plan or some other “money-making” option. A hunting trip is one thing, but an African Safari hunting trip, well thats a whole different catagory to say the least. I canot be the only person thinking this. I mean really an African hunting safari on a cops retirement???? Math was never my forte.Wait I forgot he was a WESTNET operative.That must be it, WESTNET has it’s own retirement fund.

  3. entry cops make more then soldiers fighting real war. it makes me sick to think that they make so much money for just poking into people business. cops are lairs and thieves.

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