Kitsap’s Unsolved Homicides: Will Justice Ever Come?

From 1960 to 2010 there have been at least 29 people murdered in Kitsap County whose killers were never brought to justice.

Behind the scenes, some of us at the Kitsap Sun have been hard at work compiling a database of these unsolved crimes. We’ve done so, if nothing else, for posterity’s sake. But we also harbor a hope that perhaps someday, these crimes could be solved, the culprits brought to justice, and the families of the victims given a degree of solace in that apprehension.

We’ve listed the phone numbers of the law enforcement agencies handling these so-called “cold cases,” just in case someone out there knows something. Please browse the names and faces. You never know — it could help solve a homicide.

Click here for the database. And on Sunday, look for a special report on the unsolved homicides of Kitsap County.

4 thoughts on “Kitsap’s Unsolved Homicides: Will Justice Ever Come?

  1. when I was younger my grandmother had a good friend named Don Halley or Haley they called him “pedelwiezer’ he was killed in poulsbo in the seventies he is not on this list . So is it there are many other than just the 29 or are some “just not worth it” to the sun to list?
    I guess more sensational two list 3 drug dealers and a lawyer than just a single old guy?

    1. susi98223: I was not able to find any such case (cold or solved) under that name. Can you give me any additional info? If there is a record of this somewhere, we’d like to include it.

  2. Contrary to what you all watch on the boob tube – “Homicide” “NYPD” etc. the levels of unsolved homicides are very high all over the US….”First 48″ ? If it doesn’t get solved quickly there’s a good chance it won’t ever get solved – the cases that usually get solved quickly are “family” type domestic homicides as opposed to “who dunnits”, often times the police know who perpetrated a murder but because of judcial restraints and a maze of legal rights that automatically accrue to defendants the police are unable to put a case together so it goes into a file forever.

    Many of you think that all this institutionalised concern for defendants rights is a wonderful thing……until your grand mother or daughter is murdered then unfortunately its an individual nightmare.

    Witness the recent spate of sexual kidnappings and murders in the state of California by one individual that was a registered convicted violent sex offender….first he got a “mickey mouse” reduced sentence and then violated parole 11 times (that we know of) as soon as his feet hit the ground…..a prison psychiatrist begged prison officials not to release him until he served every day of his sentence and said (in writing) that he was a THREAT to public safety.

    He quickly kidnapped and murdered 2 beautiful young girls, ( 2 that we know of, most likely others), this will continue to be the high price our society pays for our concern for protecting rights ……the “rights” industry is “feather bedded” with practioners, the ones that call themselves “ESQ” and “Honorable” etc -despite what we wee on MSNBC et al not too many of them are going broke protecting rights….in most states a defendant can be “captured” on video tape shoplifting in Wally world but is still entitled to 5 preliminary hearings with “counsel” before the case is disposed of…..who do you think engineered that leglislation into law ??

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