Roadways Were Busier for Troopers in 2009

DUIs, speed, and pretty much everything else had Washington State troopers working harder in Kitsap County in 2009. Krista Hedstrom, our local state patrol spokeswoman, sent me the stats this morning. Among them:

  • DUI related collisions were up 23 percent with 117, compared with 95 in 2008.
  • Speed related collisions were up 10 percent with 273, compared with 248 in 2008.
  • DUI Arrests in Kitsap County were up by 2 percent in 2009. Troopers removed 858 impaired drivers from the roads in Kitsap compared with 839 arrests in 2008.
  • Speed contacts were up 16 percent in 2009. Kitsap troopers contacted 16,788 speeders in 2009, compared with 14,457 in 2008. Out of those contacted, 11 percent more received tickets than in 2008.
  • In addition, there were 247 more drivers contacted who were issued tickets for aggressive driving in Kitsap County than in 2008. In 2009, 2,620 drivers were ticketed for aggressive driving violations, compared with 2,373 in 2008.

In neighboring Mason County, the numbers were actually down:

  • DUI related collisions were down 45 percent with 45, compared with 82 in 2008.
  • Speed related collisions were down 39 percent with 67, as compared with 109 in 2008.

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