Chief’s Comments on Suquamish Shooting

Here’s Chief Mike Lasnier’s statement on the Suquamish shooting:

“Information has been previously released regarding the officer involved shooting incident that occurred in Suquamish last night.  All questions regarding the investigation, its status, or specific facts of the case should be referred to the Public Information Officer for the lead investigating agency, Deputy Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the incident, the Suquamish Police Department followed standard law enforcement protocol, and requested assistance from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, and the Washington State Patrol, to ensure a fair and objective investigation into the incident.  Both agencies responded without delay, and have provided assistance to our agency in this matter.  The Suquamish Police Department and its officers are cooperating fully with the investigation.  We are grateful to the Kitsap Sheriff’s Department and Washington State Patrol for their professional response and assistance in this matter.

At approximately 2130 on Saturday evening, officers were dispatched to a report of a disturbance with multiple shots fired on Newton Street in Suquamish.  Upon arriving in the area, officers cautiously approached the residence, and contacted subjects outside of the house.  One subject was a 34 year old career criminal with an extensive history of drug dealing, with 9 prior felony convictions for violent crimes, burglary, drug dealing and possession of drugs, as well as assault and intimidating witnesses.  He also has 12 prior misdemeanor convictions for multiple crimes, including displaying weapons with intent to intimidate.  He currently had a Felony “No Bail” “Caution” warrant for his arrest, for escape from the Washington State Department of Corrections on “community custody” for Drug Charges.  When challenged by 3 officers in full uniform, the offender fled towards his vehicle, and refused commands to stop or show his hands.  The offender entered a vehicle, started it, and rapidly accelerated towards the officers.  One officer was struck by the bumper of the vehicle, and another had his foot run over.  Both officers discharged their weapons, and the wanted, fleeing, dangerous felon was struck by gunfire.  A female passenger also received minor wounds from secondary projectiles.  The suspects fled the scene, went to a nearby residence to seek aid from friends, and got into a different vehicle to seek medical aid.  The suspects realized they needed immediate medical assistance, so they drove to the Suquamish Police Department to seek help.  Aid was obtained for them, and the male subject was flown to Harborview for the treatment of gunshot wounds, the Female passenger transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton.

Both officers struck by the suspect car were injured, and were transported by ambulance to Harrison Medical Center for treatment of their wounds.  Both were treated and later released.  After recovering from their injuries, the officers will be on administrative duties, which is standard procedure in incidents of this nature.  Both officers are veterans of the department with over 7 years of service each.

I am confident that the Officers of the Suquamish Police Department acted appropriately in this matter.  We welcome external review of this matter by County, State and Federal Authorities.  Upon completion of the external review, we will be conducting an internal shooting review, which is standard department policy.

I am confident that the choices made by our officers were professional, legal and justified, and that this confidence will be supported following a thorough and exhaustive professional and legal review. My officers had a duty and obligation to respond and act, and they did so with a great deal of courage and professionalism.  Anyone who attacks and attempts to murder police officers, whether with a gun, a knife, or the car used in this incident, should expect that any officer will respond in the same manner.

Additional information can be obtained from the lead investigation agency, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department.

3 thoughts on “Chief’s Comments on Suquamish Shooting

  1. I believe you have the full support of Our Community behind you, Chief Lasnier.

    It sounds like your men did an excellent job.

    It’s also interesting how the wounded suspect came to you guys for help.

    Maybe there’s Hope for this guy yet…

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