NBC News Show’s ‘Dateline’ Soon to be Kitsap County

Dateline NBC will soon shine a spotlight on one of Bremerton’s most notorious murders.

The news show came to Kitsap for a retrospective look at the killing — and subsequent cover up — of Dawn Hacheney in 1997.

Sue Shultz, Bainbridge police lieutenant who investigated the murder, said that she gave an hour and a half interview to Dateline at her island office earlier this month. Others involved in the investigation also gave interviews, I’m told.

I also got an email from Gregg Olsen, an Olalla author whose new yet to be released book “A Twisted Faith,” chronicles the killing and investigation of Dawn Hackeney’s killer, her husband Nick. Gregg sent me a few photographs from his interview with Dateline, which you can see on the right (Gregg is at the left in the photo).

Nick Hackeney is currently serving a more than 26 year sentence in prison for the murder.

I’ve not yet heard when Dateline plans to run the Kitsap segment.

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