Parking Ticket Appeal Dies on Commissioner’s Desk

Remember a Bremerton attorney’s quest to get a Bremerton parking ordinance tossed?

Well, the effort has died.

Washington State Supreme Court Commissioner Steven Goff denied attorney Thomas Weaver’s appeal of a $45 parking ticket late last year. Weaver had hoped to argue before the state’s supreme court that Bremerton’s ordinance about citing drivers who are parked on city streets with expired tabs is unlawful.

He based his argument on the idea that state law “preempts” the ordinance by making it illegal to drive with expired tabs, but not to be parked with them. Bremerton’s ordinance takes the law a step further.

As a quick side note, I actually had a chance to talk with Goff, who reviews cases and can deny them from being heard before the state supreme court. His position, a filter of sorts, is not well known.

Goff serves at the behest of the court, whom he not only can recommend cases to, but as in Weaver’s case, can deny them as well. He also has a staff of attorneys to help him. The commissioner, in short, helps ease the burden of the caseload the court reviews.

One thought on “Parking Ticket Appeal Dies on Commissioner’s Desk

  1. Its all about money…The State is not going to rule on this. Its Bremertons way of making more tax money, and the State is not going to take that away from Bremerton. Get Real.

    I work at the Carpenter’s Hall on 5th. We have members coming in doing job searches required by the State to meet their unemployment claims, and they get tagged by the Parking Nazi’s all the time.

    If they drive their cars to differing blocks, park, and do job searches at the on going projects in Downtown they get ticketed again.

    This is the main reason we are purchasing land outside of Bremerton in the Silverdale area. We need to be able to do business without being punished for having jobs, and a sustainable business.

    If they could Bremerton would tax us for the air we breath.

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