Lawsuit: Waitress Sues Silverdale Restaurant for Withholding Tips

A waitress is taking a Silverdale restaurant to court, claiming the restaurant’s manager “withheld” tips, according to documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court Dec. 14.

The lawsuit alleges that the restaurant manager “willfully withheld 60 percent of the tips,” that the waitress was supposed to receive, and “only paid to her 40 percent of the tips she received waiting tables in the course of her employment,” according to court documents.

There’s an “amended” lawsuit in the case file that states that sometime this past fall, the waitress had 50 percent of the tips withheld, rather than 60.

The lawsuit calls for the restaurant to pay damages, to include the amount of the “wrongfully withheld tips,” and interest, and attorney’s fees.

No court dates have yet been filed in the case.

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