The Aftermath of Bremerton Arnold’s Home Furnishings Arson


There’s a few more details in the Bremerton Arnold’s Home Furnishings fire that I think are of note.

The 17-year-old defendant had his sentencing hearing Dec. 11 in Kitsap County Superior Court. Our stories had already pointed out the time he’ll spend in juvenile prison — 25 to 32 months — but here’s how that time works. It’s up to the juvenile prison’s administrators to determine how much time within that range he’ll spend there.

Restitution in the case — which could be in the $12 million range — will be set at a future hearing.

As we previously reported, the prosecution’s case that led to the conviction of the 17-year-old involved three suspects. But those remaining two suspects will not be tried due to lack of evidence, according to deputy prosecutor Todd Dowell.

Arnold’s is currently rebuilding at the site where their gallery burned to the ground in July.

One thought on “The Aftermath of Bremerton Arnold’s Home Furnishings Arson

  1. Well, thanks for the scintillating bit of reporting there. The defendant will get some time within that range. Restitution has not been determined. The folks who had their building/livelyhood destroyed continue to struggle.

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