UPDATE: Poulsbo Vehicle Prowlers Take Off with Tailgate


Poulsbo resident Ken Parker emailed me over the weekend about a horrifying tale concerning his tailgate.

“I am getting ready to ship out to Hawaii and between 9 p.m. on Wednesday and 1 p.m. on Thursday, someone stole my tailgate to my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500,” he wrote.

Parker, who lives near Front Street, said he reported the incident to Poulsbo police. But he’s concerned that such prowlers are getting away with more crimes.

“Vehicle prowls are on the rise and these punks need to get caught,” he wrote.

He is likely right, though official crime stats won’t be out until next year. Looking at the raw numbers from Silverdale, however, car prowls are indeed going through the roof. Remember to lock your car and take all the valuables out of it that you can.

UPDATE: Here’s another horrifying tale of prowlers, by way of Seabeck resident Rodney Perryman. Perryman lives off Stavis Bay Road.

He was headed to work at the end of May and found his stereo gone out of his 2007 Ford F-150.

“After further investigation, they had stolen my blackberry phone, ipod, and my bluetooth headset. They did me a favor and left my $400 pair of Oakley sunglasses that were in plain sight,” he wrote me in an email.

The sheriff’s office told him to file his case online rather than have a deputy come out.

“I was pretty disappointed with those actions, but I guess with the rise of robberies and prowlers in the area they were pretty busy,” he wrote. “Our little neighborhood is very quiet and this is the first time anything like this has happened to us out here.”

Perryman’s lived in the area four years.

Here’s an additional scary aspect of his theft:

“The interesting thing about this is that they did no damage to my truck and the stereo was ‘expertly’ removed with no damage to the dash,” he wrote.

The good news is that his insurance covered the stereo and he’s since installed some security systems and measures to ensure it’s harder for thieves to take his stuff, “if there is a next time,” he wrote.

Anyone with information about these thefts and others is urged to call 911.

9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Poulsbo Vehicle Prowlers Take Off with Tailgate

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. I would recommend getting a replacement on the mainland. You are going to pay double at a junk yard here in Hawaii if you decide to go that route. Hopefully this loss is covered by insurance. Aloha…

  2. My wife’s car was prowled in the parking lot of North Kitsap Preschool parking lot (across from Library) last year. They stole her purse. We immediately went to the Poulsbo PD and filed a report.

    Then only thirty minutes later they went to Wal-Mart in Bremerton and Albertsons. Poulsbo PD didn’t care. I had to be my own detective. I went through the red tape to get the video tape at WM….yes every single transaction is on tape. I got the video from Albertsons. Poulsbo PD still did not want the tape, saying they probably would not want it. I had to get the Sheriff to accept the tapes. Turns out the perp was well known…and used his Albertsons rewards card. They picked him up and Poulsbo PD still didn’t care. I had to work with the Sheriff and District Attorney’s office to press charges. Then the judge decided to give them community service.

    You have to be your own detective.

  3. There seems to be a rash of tailgates being stolen in the Kitsap county area since October. Mine was stolen the other night. When I went down to the sherriff’s office to report it they told me that at least 20 have been stolen since October. It started with Toyota trucks but lately they’ve seen more Dodge and Ford tailgates being stolen.

  4. Does anyone know what these POS’s do with them? I’ve checked all the junkyards, craigslist, and ebay and cant find anything. Now I get to go out to Hawaii, minus a tailgate and it will probably cost over $1000 to replace it. If anyone can help me locate mine, the inside is rhino lined, I will give you a reward and pay to have it shipped to Hawaii.

  5. If I find anything out I’ll post here to let you know. I have been watching craigslist as well but my suspicion leans toward a body shop somewhere. They steal a decent tailgate, do maybe minor body repair to it and paint it for someone else’s vehicle. Once they do that they put the claim into the insurance company and bill them for a new one. I priced mine at the local dealership, $1200 for a 2003. As the saying goes it’s easier to steal something than it is to earn it.

  6. We had a gentleman and his wife we did not know approach us about making sure we have a locking system on ours just this past weekend while we were parked next to each other at a resturant. He has a similar vehicle and his tailgate was stolen a couple of weeks ago. He said that there is someone in Kitsap who is purchasing the tailgates from the POS’s stealing them. From what he was able to find out, it was an on the side thing and was not going through the front door of a legit business instead it was being passed under the table.

  7. My tailgate was stolen just before Christmas in Port Orchard; when I called to report it, the first question was, Ford or Dodge. I think that our law enforement should be a little more proactive with these thefts and not just take reports by phone with no followup what so ever. What is being done to catch these criminals and who is buying the stolen products, are they investgating. I went to two local body shops and both have seen a rash of stolen tailgates. Be aware out there and report any crime you may see or be a victim of. Lets catch these criminals and make this a safer place to live..

  8. I still have’nt heard anything back from the Sherriffs office so I would assume it’s gone for good. Sorry to hear that Craig, I’m in Port Orchard as well and mine was taken just before xmas as well. I would hope that law enforcement is doing something but I doubt car prowls and tailgates are their priority. You are right that we should report this though. The more info given can only help. I do wish they would call us back and give some kind of update though.

  9. Yeah so now I’m out in Hawaii and no tailgate. I would love to find these little turds and beat them over the head with my tailgate. I bet they sold it for $80 so they could buy and Oxycontin.

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