Kitsap Sheriff’s: No New News in Homicide, But …

20091101-205403-pic-125675228_t600Kitsap County Sheriff’s detectives continue to hunt for a suspect or suspects believed to have killed Paymela Faye Long in Illahee Shores last weekend.

Scott Wilson, sheriff’s spokesman, put out a new release Thursday night. You can read it below.

Long story short: there’s not any new information outside of what we reported. But sheriff’s detectives would like to recirculate a call for tips if anyone does know anything about the killing.

“Sheriff’s detectives are pursuing all investigative leads,” Wilson said in the release.

Looks like any help they can get would be greatly appreciated.

Port Orchard, Wash. —  The investigation continues, by sheriff’s detectives, into the death of a woman found inside of her destroyed residence, Saturday morning, in the Illahee Shores Mobile Home Park.  The investigation was classified as a homicide upon conclusion of an autopsy Sunday afternoon.

Earlier this week the Kitsap County Coroner confirmed the identity of the victim as Paymela Faye Long, age 58.

The fire originated in a rear bedroom of Paymela’s pre-manufactured mobile home.  Her body was discovered in that bedroom by firefighters from Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue. Autopsy results indicate that Paymela died, by violent means, prior to the start of the fire.  How the fire started is still under investigation by the Kitsap County Fire Marshal and sheriff’s arson detectives.

Sheriff’s detectives are pursuing all investigative leads:

Detectives continue to gather forensic evidence and analyze that evidence.

Investigators are interviewing contacts.

The Sheriff’s Office is coordinating its investigative actions with the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office and the Kitsap County Coroner.

Persons with information about the fire or the victim are asked to contact Detective Lissa Gundrum at (360) 337-5669.

Those who want to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

10 thoughts on “Kitsap Sheriff’s: No New News in Homicide, But …

  1. It was pure careless and reckless to call it an accidental death or open the crime scene before the autopsy was even completed. Multiple deaths in one neighborhood over a span of years should be considered and investigated. This is ridiculous that Bremerton Police have not found her assailant. If Bremerton can’t find any leads then perhaps they should admit it & call in some help. The investigators really made some mistakes on this one. My best friend’s heart has been broken and will never be the same.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Elly. Just to clarify, the case is being investigated by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, and not the Bremerton Police Department.

  2. we all want justice..I’m sure that everyone has told police the same thing …..someone out there knows the truth and needs to come forword God bless you all

  3. I pray for Myle and Tory and their family that the Kitsap Sherrif’s department works until they find the person/people that did this. I understand that there was at least one other death in that neighborhood that remains unsolved. Justice must be served! Please don’t give up.

  4. we hope anyone with any information no matter how insugnificant it may seem will come forward. This person will be found, we will never give up.

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