VIDEO: Car Crashes into Hansville Home; Home Wins

Mary Heacock and her family have enjoyed the benefits of thickly-built walls in their Hood Canal Drive home for the past decade in the form of lower heating and cooling costs.

On early Friday morning, however, they learned a different benefit of such walls.

An errant vehicle took a turn down their driveway, near the road’s intersection with NE Cliffside Road, around 3:45 a.m. and struck the side of their home.

The car, as evidenced by the Heacock’s security video, didn’t penetrate its walls. In fact, it more or less bounced off the house.

“We never thought we’d have to fend off invading cars,” Heacock said.

The Heacock’s home was built with Quad-Lock walls consisting of two inches of foam on each side of a hearty foot of concrete. Heacock said that while they saw lights outside and “the whole neighborhood” heard the car, they didn’t feel it inside.

A 24-year-old man driving the home was taken to Harrison Medical Center with unknown injuries, according to North Kitsap Fire and Rescue. No one else was injured.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crash, but details weren’t made available Friday afternoon.

Heacock speculates that with traditional walls, the car might have gone through the home and even hit a neighbor’s residence.

“Had this been stick construction, we absolutely would have lost our house today,” she said.

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