This is For Real: Tot, 2 Shoots Tot, 2

I could hardly believe the story my editor, Kim Rubenstein, showed me this morning.

It comes to us from Timson, Texas, where the Associated Press is reporting that a 2-year-old child accidentally shot another 2-year-old.

Thankfully, the 2-year-old that was shot is recovering at a local hospital. But how on earth, we wonder, can a 2-year-old fire a gun?

I suppose it’s possible. Seems unlikely though.

Also interesting that AP notes: The investigation into possible criminal charges continues.

2 thoughts on “This is For Real: Tot, 2 Shoots Tot, 2

  1. You ask, “we wonder, can a 2-year-old fire a gun?”

    They pick it up, just like mommy or daddy, and pull the trigger.


  2. arrest the owner of that gun and never let him own one again. This is the problem with guns, no one takes responsibility. Probably too busy getting drunk and watching NASCAR.

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