The Visiting Bremerton Bear: A Close Call


I got an email recently from Derek Wentz, who was until a few weeks ago renting a home in the West Bremerton area. After Wentz and his family had moved in early June, his former landlord called him to say that he’d missed quite a sight in what used to be his backyard.

The Wentzes moved out June 6 from a Roosevelt Avenue place. And a 250-pound black bear decided to move in June 7. The bear, which took cover in a cedar tree, was eventually tranquilized and taken away by Kitsap County Animal Control officers.

“We have two young children who enjoyed playing at the foot of the cedar tree where the bear was discovered,” Wentz wrote me. “So we were surprised, to say the least, when our former landlord informed us this evening that a bear had been located in our former ‘backyard.'”

Photo by is from an incident in New Jersey.

2 thoughts on “The Visiting Bremerton Bear: A Close Call

  1. Interesting story, but the use of the wrong word takes away from it. “site” is a location, “sight” is something to be seen. Here, “sight” was the proper word to be used. This error is becoming more and more common. Do we no longer care about this? My grammar teacher is spinning in her grave!

    1. Funny that you mention that, Belinda. I actually changed it immediately after I posted it. I too was aghast at my error!

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