Heroin Smacks Vashon Island


Someone’s pushing heroin on bucolic Vashon Island, the editor the Vashon Beachcomber said in a recent piece. Such a statement would not be unusual in Kitsap County, where the drug comes and goes with ease along several major thoroughfares. But when you’re a 10,000-some community where the outside world is only accessible by boat, even a little black tar heroin makes its mark.

Editor Leslie Brown interviewed a local drug counselor who confirmed his patients are hooked on smack, and someone’s bringing it on Vashon’s shores. The King County Sheriff’s sergeant assigned to the island is also aware of its presence.

The most important part of the story comes from the personal account given by a heroin addict’s mother. And get this: her son first tried oxycodone and became hooked on that. (Regular readers of this blog won’t be surprised.)

Here’s one other telling paragraph from Brown’s article, toward the end:

“But even if law enforcement is able to end the on-Island distribution of heroin, if demand continues to exist, others will find a way to fill it, he said. There’s a natural progression, he added, from prescription opiates, which are expensive, to heroin, which is considerably cheaper.”

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One thought on “Heroin Smacks Vashon Island

  1. One would have to be pretty naive to think there is no Heroin on Vashon, or any place for that matter. Especially a place with a direct link to Seattle.. duh.

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