Got a Fine? The Courts May be Willing to Negotiate


Unpaid traffic fines and fees can create a mound of debt that some people are never able to pay off. But for the month of May, Kitsap’s courts are offering a window of opportunity to get out of the red.

More than 100 district and municipal courts in Washington — that includes Kitsap District Court, and municipal courts in Bremerton, Poulsbo, Port Orchard and Bainbridge Island — are linking up with a program to help debt-riddled drivers pay their dues and regain their licenses.

“The Bremerton Municipal Court is very aware of the financial burdens everyone is facing these days,” Judge James Docter said in a press release. “We want to do our part in helping our citizens by providing some relief to those who want to pay their outstanding obligations to the court.”

Wendy Farrell, a Washington Courts spokeswoman, says 1.5 million driver’s licenses have been prevented from being renewed in the state due to unpaid tickets. A similar court effort in 2002 got out of the system more than 10,000 cases and collected $1.9 million in revenue.

“Our ultimate goal is to have all drivers on the road validly licensed,” Docter said. “This is just one more step towards that goal.

For more information on eliminating interest on your fine, and even reducing the fine’s amount during May, click below.

You’ll need to contact the court where the ticket was issued. Here are the phone numbers:

Bremerton Municipal Court: 360.473.5260

Port Orchard Municipal Court: 360.876.1701

Poulsbo Municipal Court: 360.779.9846

Bainbridge Island Municipal Court: 206.842.5641

Kitsap County District Court: 360.337.7144

You can also call AllianceOne, a collection agency, directly at 800.456.8838.

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