Family Asks for SK Community’s Help in Bringing Killer to Justice


It has been one year since Linda Malcom was found murdered in her Sidney Avenue home. Port Orchard Police Chief Al Townsend has confirmed that investigators have a “person of interest” in the case, but an arrest has yet to be made.

I’ve been talking to many of family members of Malcom (pictured at left), who would like to see justice happen in the case as soon as possible. Linda’s parents, both 80, fear they may pass away before there is resolution.

Townsend vowed not to give up.

“I can assure you that as long as I’m here we will continue to keep the case active and to work toward an arrest,” he told me.

Linda’s family wanted me to publish a letter from them to the community. Here are their words:

“In the early hours on April 30, 2008, in her own home, Linda Malcom, our daughter and sister was brutally murdered, the person responsible the set the home on fire in an attempt to hide any evidence to who her killer is.  Our family was notified later in the afternoon by the Coroner’s office and we all have relived the horror of that day over and over ever since.  Linda’s parents, James and Donna and her eight brothers and sisters will continue living the nightmare until the PERSON who brutally killed our Linda is brought to justice.  We believe there is someone out there who knows someone or something abut this unspeakable deed and we ask that you ask yourself, if Linda was your daughter or sister, would you not want closure and justice.  If you know anything, PLEASE, PLEASE, pick up the phone an make the call, take this person off of the streets so this horrible crime will not happen by this person again.

Your town, Port Orchard took our Linda in as one of their own for 10 years, and one year ago this week Port Orchard held out her arms to our family and for that we will never forget the people of Port Orchard, the Police Dept, and the Victims Against Crime Advocacy, Chris and Martha, now we ask one last thing, do the right thing, HELP US.  Linda’s parents are both 80 years old and would like to see a closure on this horrible thing that happen to their daughter and our sister before they pass away.”

– Thank you from the family of Linda Malcom

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