Sailboat-Car Trade Sinks (and Not Advised in this Economy)

boatA little more than a week ago, a North Kitsap man agreed to trade his car for a sailboat. The Silverdale man offering the boat said he needed to go get the boat’s title, and asked if he could borrow the car while he did.

The Silverdale man never returned with the car — nor sailboat as compensation for that matter, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

A New York Times article this week suggests the NK man may be better off without the sailboat. They are expensive to moor and maintain, hard to get rid of, and abandoned boats are turning up everywhere during this economic downturn. The article even mentions the Seattle man who purposefully sank his boat in an effort to get insurance money for it — because he couldn’t sell it.

But the NK man was certainly owed his boat, or at least to get his car back. Sheriff’s deputies found the Silverdale man, arrested him, and returned the car, their reports of the incident said.

I am curious if we’re seeing abandoned boats cropping up along our shores here on the Kitsap Peninsula. Anyone with firsthand knowledge of such seafearing trash is encouraged to drop a note below.

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