Scam of the Week: ‘Grandma, Can you Bail me out of Jail?’

64990931iduxtwcpIf there’s any good news that can come from this scam, it’s that scammers appear to be more desperate these days.

This one comes from a reading of the Bremerton Police reports. A 65-year-old woman called police Friday to inform them that she’d received a phone call from a man purporting to be her grandson.

It so happens that said grandson has just gotten out of jail. And he needs $3,800 for jail in a hurry, so get down to Wal-Mart and send him a moneygram, Grandma.

Savvily, this Grandma was having none of it.

She did the right thing, calling her family and finding out that her grandson wasn’t in Canada, “and was in fact home,” police said.

If you get this call, just hang up.

I think it’s self-evident that such a hairbrained scheme illustrates the scam artist’s desperation. How many phone calls would someone have to make before you’d get a resident who might fall for this?

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