Rumors of Sheriff’s Office Takeover of Bainbridge Island are Greatly Exaggerated

Is the city of Bainbridge Island, with all its budget troubles, looking for a nearby sheriff’s office to takeover its police department?  

The short answer, according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Scott Wilson, is no. 

But there has been some talk. 

“There have been some inquiries made, by a number of citizens of (Bainbridge Island), to determine if the sheriff would be available to discuss law enforcement issues,” Wilson said. 

Wilson adds that such discussion “means of merger of KCSO and BIPD.” It does not, but “The sheriff has responded that he would certainly be open to engage in discussions if asked,” Wilson said. 

No meetings have been scheduled.

And as for Sheriff Steve Boyer’s own position on the matter? 

“A challenge would certainly be presented to us if KCSO was asked to assist Bainbridge Island with law enforcement responsibilities,” Boyer wrote in an email sent by Wilson. “It is not, as some might perceive, empire building… we’ve got enough on our plate as it is.  But if it would result in a beneficial change for the citizens of the county, then I would be enthusiastic about undertaking such a challenge.”

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