UPDATE: Were Huffers to Blame for Wrecking Truck, Snowmobiles?

photo by http://arcticcatzone.com/
photo by http://arcticcatzone.com/

Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating the strange case of a stolen pickup — complete with two snowmobiles on an attached trailer — that ended up crashed into a tree less than a mile from its home.

The truck’s owners, on the 1900 block of Sawdust Hill Road, awoke in the early morning hours of Jan. 20 to find their truck and snowmobiles gone. They’d been planning to head out on a trip the same morning, according to police reports.

They called deputies, who found the truck in the 2000 block of the same road, smashed against a tree, with its trailer jackknifed, and and snowmobiles damaged. Deputies took some blood they found in the truck’s cab for lab testing, along with a baseball bat hat inside that didn’t belong to the owners.

One would think such a crash would result in injuries — but area hospitals didn’t report any that day that could have revealed a suspect.

So what gives? Apparently, the owners left a hidden key on the truck, but no one knew they were headed on a trip, deputies said.

UPDATE: I spoke to one of the victims of this crime today. She said it was a cold, frosty morning, and it’s likely the thief or thieves couldn’t see driving away — and hit the tree after failing to make a 90 degree turn.

The victim added that the truck, the trailer, and at least one of the snowmobiles was destroyed.

Witnesses have reported a suspicious red car in the area recently. Mail boxes and real estate for sales signs have also been damaged in the area recently. And they’ve reported an agglomeration of empty whip cream canisters discarded in the area. That’s a sign of “huffing,” or using the cans to get high — a potentially deadly practice that is definitely not recommended by this blog.

A reader emailed about the crash over the weekend. Since it’s a week after the fact, it’s a little late to be in our code 911 section, but I felt it certainly warranted a write-up for those following the blog.

One thought on “UPDATE: Were Huffers to Blame for Wrecking Truck, Snowmobiles?

  1. ““huffing,” or using the cans to get high — a potentially deadly practice”

    Considering all the damage they did, I’d say this is Darwin’s Principle at work.

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