Beware of The Holiday Burglar

Unfortunately, the time of festive holiday cheer is also a time when home burglaries tend to rise. So without further ado, here are some solid tips from the folks at Response Insurance on how to safeguard your home from would-be burglars:

* Take a look around the outside of your house to make sure all doors and windows are locked and shut tight. Also, make sure no ladders — or other things a thief could climb on to get to upper levels of your house — are around. Often times thieves will be deterred simply if they’re unable to get inside your home easily.

* Don’t leave an emergency key outside your home, anywhere, anytime.

* Close blinds enough that those on the outside can’t see in, but don’t close them all the way. Think about moving TVs and other valuables away from “prying eyes,” the insurance company said.

* Make your home look “lived in” if you go away for the holidays. Install timers on lights and a radio. Outside motion detecting lights work well too, and don’t forget to see if someone can get your mail and to stop delivery of newspapers.

* An alarm system is a great idea — and you don’t necessarily need a major pay-per-month system. Here’s a small device you can get that has a motion sensor and can give you a little piece of mind.

* Take an inventory of your valuables and possessions, and capture them on film and on video. In the event of a burglary, you’ll be able to see what’s missing and what’s not, and if you have insurance, you’ll have proof of what you own.

* Most importantly, I think, is to always lock up when you go somewhere. All it takes is a few “carefully planned moments,” the insurance company said, for a burglar to get in and get out.

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