Judge: ‘Millennium Bomber’ That Came by Ferry Will be Out in 2018

On a December day back in 1999, C. Dan Clem was working as a border patrol inspector in Port Angeles, where ferries from Victoria B.C. still come and go each day. 

Clem (pictured on far right, with the photo from cbp.gov), the longtime Kitsap County elected prosecutor until 1995, and other agents had become suspicious of one man who’d come over on the ferry. After a search, the agents found the ingredients for a massive bomb that the man had planned to drive into the Los Angeles International Airport during the millennium celebration.

Now nine years later, Ahmed Ressam, who federal prosecutors believe had been recruited by al Qaida in Montreal, was given this week a 22 year sentence — for a second time — in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

Federal prosecutors said that means Ressam will be out in 2018, when he is 51 years old.

Ressam, who helped investigators find and convict other terrorists until 2003, when he did an about-face, had his sentence overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. His conviction stood, however, and prosecutors had asked for a life sentence before federal Judge John Coughenour Wednesday morning.

According to a Seattle Times’ story, U.S. Attorney Jeff Sullivan is quoted as saying that “What (Ressam) told us today is that he’s a terrorist, a trained killer … who is going to do this again.”

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