Shocking: We May Have a Patient’s Pot Limit

The shenanigans of defining a “60-day supply” for card-carrying medical marijuana patients may actually be over.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

Still, the Department of Health, a few months past its deadline, has put forth this limit for patients: 24 ounces of finished product, 15 plants. That rule will go into effect Nov. 2.

I asked Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Hauge this morning what his thoughts were on the new limits. He answered simply.

“We’re happy to have some guidance,” Hauge told me.

In a Seattle Times story, various medicinal marijuana advocates came out against the limits, saying it simply wasn’t enough for patients.

But let’s recap this Topsy-turvy process:

The Department of Health had previously suggested a 100-square-foot growing area for patients and 35 ounces of pot as the limit. They re-scaled that after Gov. Chris Gregoire complained.

Next, it was 24 ounces, 6 mature pot plants and 18 immature ones, similar to Oregon’s medicinal marijuana law.

Finally, we have 24 ounces and 15 plants. The “24-15 rule,” I have heard it called. And that appears to be final.

I’ll be keeping a close eye in the coming weeks on busted grow operations, to see if our local law enforcement cites the new guidelines. Here in Kitsap, we’ve had some controversial cases recently over plant count. This rule should put some of those issues to rest.

One thought on “Shocking: We May Have a Patient’s Pot Limit

  1. Only one thing to say ” The War on drugs is not woking’ We have many, many people in prisons all across the USA for “Pot” that’s wrong. Since the ‘War on Drugs” have worked so well lets put another law on the books so we can send some more of those bad people with cancer to prison. So the tax payer can take of them.

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