Protest Planned Against Border Patrol Checkpoints

Apparently not everyone is thrilled at the idea of U.S. border patrol checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula.

A group called the “Stop the Checkpoints Committee” will host a rally at the Port Angeles federal building, followed by a March.

The border patrol has been holding checkpoints around the Olympic Peninsula — including two just on the other side of the Hood Canal Bridge — looking for illegal immigrants, terrorists and other threats to national security.

The border patrol says it’s using a federal law that authorizes the checkpoints “a reasonable distance” from the U.S. border. That distance has been determined to be 100 miles.

The flyer claims the rally is to “DEFEND immigrant workers and their families,” and also says: “NO Police State on the Olympic Peninsula.” The protest will begin at 1 p.m. in downtown Port Angeles.

13 thoughts on “Protest Planned Against Border Patrol Checkpoints

  1. Welcome to the post 911 scene, where traditional checks and balances on government authority are fading away.

    The borders are not secure, but just a few minutes of your time at a suspicionless, internal checkpoint should be no big deal as you go about your business far from the nearest international border. Joe six-pack and the kids get the shakedown. We can all do our part to help out.

    Are we to believe that all possible administrative steps are being taken to prevent illegal aliens from becoming established in the U.S.?

    How can a verbal citizenship check stop terrorists, drug smugglers, illegal aliens, or criminals?

    Here at home, US citizens are not required to carry proof of citizenship. The standard driver’s license does not prove citizenship.

    Is this an incentive program for the new enhanced driver’s license? Will the new license prevent crime?

    If the terrorists hate our freedom, maybe they are pleased to see it restricted.

    North Korea has not been hit by terrorists since 911.

    We fight our wars without the nuisance of a draft- that way most people can go about their lives undistracted. “They’re all volunteers”. We have to fight them over there, so that we don’t have to fight them over here.

    “Individual Responsibility, Individual Liberty, Smaller, Limited Government” – no longer even mentioned during a presidential campaign season- we hear safe slogans like “Country First” and “Change we can believe in”.

    Welcome Home Troops

  2. I hope we get a great turnout and let Border Patrol and Mike up there know that we won’t tolerate highway checkpoints in a free America.

  3. Maybe it is past time for U.S. citizens to carry proof of citizenship…actually no ‘maybe’ about it… it is past time.

    How does being stopped for a moment to check citizenship restrict movement? Unless of course you are an illegal alien.
    9-11 should have taught us something long before now and to inconvenience a few to safeguard the rest of the country makes sense.
    I would do anything to save my children. And child. A brief few minutes to show proof of citizenship is the least of it.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Mike Says:
    September 18th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    So do these clowns think we should abandon the checkpoints and let more dangerous criminals enter the country?

    Mike I don’t wear makeup or a funny nose. However to answer your question, these checkpoints aren’t on the border, so these so called criminals (everyone that’s stopped, no matter if they committed a crime or not) haven’t left the country. What we are protesting at least I am is the fact I have to wait in a 5 mile long backup because the border patrol shuts down highway 104 at the hood canal bridge, which isn’t a border.

    Sharon: I would say that a 5 mile backup do to BP stopping everyone to ask them there citizenship certainly is an inconvenience. Especially since it impedes our men and women in the armed service from getting to their jobs on the other side of the hood canal bridge.

  5. Well Charlie waiting in a five mile backup once or twice a month doesn’t seem much of a hardship under the circumstances. How long did you have to wait?

    Waiting in line for the bridge to reopen after the boats/s have passed apparently is not a hardship for you.

    “…Especially since it impedes our men and women in the armed service from getting to their jobs on the other side of the hood canal bridge….”

    In my view we disrespect our armed forces if we continue to ignore the illegal aliens…
    And they, as everyone, waits in line to let the boats pass…I’ve never heard a complaint from them but plenty of regard to see the submarines pass by. Seeing them gives most of us a sense of comfort.
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. It should be just as hard to use a fake social security number as it is to use a fake lottery ticket.

    If you are driving a safe car in a safe manner- you should not be pulled over.

  7. Spot checks are done all over the country for various reasons.

    Some 45 years ago I was in a long line of people stopped somewhere around Deception Pass for a spot check.

    Why object to a spot check for the illegal aliens?

    A birth certificate and one other piece of ID (passport?) shouldn’t be a problem for citizens.
    Sharon O’Hara

  8. No problem with ID for folks crossing into the US.

    Folks going about their business nowhere near an international border should not be stopped and questioned.

    Are we now to carry “A birth certificate and one other piece of ID (passport?)”

    Hood Canal Bridge Downgrade

    Some people remember fishing and crabbing from the Hood Canal Bridge fishing pontoon. The new and improved bridge will not allow public fishing access. Joe six-pack and the kids paid into the system by purchasing fishing licenses for years and now the welcome mat has been taken up because…why? Could it be security?

    Thousands of cars cross the bridge daily. When the bridge opens, the cars aren’t even required to wait on land. Cars are parked on the bridge for the 30 minutes or so that the bridge stays open- people get out and wonder around, etc. Is this good security? Boaters can still navigate close to the bridge via the channel on both ends, and through the center span when it opens. Family fishing fun however, is now off limits.

  9. Why not carry proof of citizenship, identification?

    You are right about the fishing. I remember watching whole families walking on the bridge to fish on the pontoon. I’m sorry its gone but it was put into place before 9-11 and security has to be a factor.
    When people mill around on the bridge its unlikely anyone could unseen, get underneath the bridge to cause harm.
    From the fishing float it would be easy for someone to sabotage the bridge….or so it seems to me.
    Why doesn’t security matter to you?

    We’re surrounded by water…I see families fishing almost everywhere. Anyone who stops fishing because the float is gone doesn’t want to fish.
    As I see it. Sharon O’Hara

  10. We are to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

    US citizens are not required to carry proof of citizenship or to go through even a brief interview/application process to move about freely far from an international border.

    What if we were required to carry papers? Would we be more safe?

    What does it take to get passport?

    How many stories have we heard about people in jobs that require a fingerprint background check- people who would qualify for an “enhanced” driver’s license or passport- that get busted for criminal behavior? It happens at public schools, military bases, daycare centers, police stations, and correctional facilities.

    We hear of doctors, foster parents, religious leaders and people who hold trusted positions at the highest levels of business and government who abuse their trust.

    Even people who work at the airport- post 911- have been caught committing crimes. A false sense of security isn’t worth turning the tables to make government our master rather than our servant.

    Government databases contain false status reports relating to “no fly” lists, etc. Sloppy protocols in government workplaces along with chronic lack of discipline allow laptop computers to go missing with massive exposure to personal information.

    Ever wonder why the state lottery sets up all kinds of safeguards to make sure no one can pass a fake lottery ticket, but the government does not afford the same protection for your social security number?

  11. “…US citizens are not required to carry proof of citizenship or to go through even a brief interview/application process to move about freely far from an international border….”

    Luckily the border patrol can operate up to 100 miles from the border check and we might look at extending the mile limit.

    “What if we were required to carry papers? Would we be more safe? …”

    Most of us carry ID now.
    There are con’s everywhere…nothing is perfectly ‘safe’ with or without spot checks. I’m surprised you didn’t know.

    Chances are though, such spot checks and the illegal alien inability to speak English might well get these folks to move on…that America means what is says…and welcomes LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to this country.

    Nothing is perfect but if we don’t start somewhere we’ll keep spinning – as you are doing now and apparently want us to continue.

    Arrest the employers of illegal aliens for breaking the existing twenty year old law against hiring them.

    Either enforce the law or toss it out.
    Either stop the illegal aliens here and now or toss out our immigration laws and open the borders to everyone.
    Sharon O’Hara

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