Wanted: A Permanent Sheriff’s Office Home

For the past few months, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office has been afforded a generous opportunity: a “substation” in Belfair — a place deputies are perennially stretched thin — where they’ve been able to become more entrenched in the North Mason community.

But the deputies have gotten the boot from 21 NE Romance Hill.

To be fair, the cause of the boot is a good one: the groundbreaking of a new hospital. And the sheriff’s office had secured one heck of a deal from the Krueger family — $1 a day to house all their north end police operations.

Now, the job is to find a new home.
“We knew when we leased this building it would be a short term fix until we could move into a more permanent facility,” said Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury.  “However, at the time, it was an operational necessity to move our North Mason Substation to a stand alone facility.”

He’s right about that — their former digs was a couple cubicles inside the Belfair Chamber of Commerce building. Not ideal.

Where do they go from here? The sheriff’s office hasn’t made any concrete plans. But as their press release on this issue states, “Maintaining a viable facility to conduct public safety business is an integral part of that commitment.”

One thought on “Wanted: A Permanent Sheriff’s Office Home

  1. Another business owner should offer them another good deal, and let the county pay for the electricity to the office. A lot of complaining previously about not having police presence, and after the storm last year, and other more crime related problems….with winter coming…it would be an excellent investment. Their insurance company would probably give them a better rate too. Win! win!

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