Running from the Cops? This ‘Goo’ Oughta Do it

Police may soon have a way to avoid dangerous pursuits with the help from a little goo, according to a recent Economist article.

Around here, it’s not uncommon for a trooper or a deputy to give chase to a motorist who decides not to yield to lights and sirens. They are generally well coordinated events that result in the arrest of the person without injury to driver or law enforcement officer.

That said, they have gotten out of hand and become injurious — even deadly — in many jurisdictions, and a new company called StarChase has an idea to put an end to them.

From The Economist:

“One way to avoid the need for chases would be to track felonious vehicles electronically, instead of running after them. StarChase, a company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has developed a way to do just that. A pneumatic cannon is mounted on the pursuit car. With the help of a guiding laser, it shoots a satellite-based tracking device, smothered in epoxy goo, onto the target vehicle, allowing the police to track the suspect without endangering the public. The Los Angeles Police Department plans to deploy the system this year.”

Just how a tracking device as such would hold up in the Washington court system, however, is another story altogether.

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