A Sinister Case of Cyber-bullying

This just in from Los Angeles: a Missouri woman has been indicted on charges that she cyber-bullied a teen to the point she committed suicide, the Los Angeles Times reports today.

The woman, Lori Drew, 49, is accused by federal prosecutors of creating a fake MySpace profile, then leading a 13-year-old girl into a relationship. Their conversations became increasingly “sexual,” the Times reported, until one day when the 49-year-old reportedly turned on the young girl, cut off all ties with her, and also announced: “the world would be a better place without her.”

The charges are the first of their kind in the nation, U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien told the Times.

Cyber-bullying is a topic Kitsap Sun readers may recall. We once told the story of a Central Kitsap teen who’d become scared to go to school because of electronic bullying. And just a couple of years ago the north end of the county was rocked by tragic suicides of two boys, reportedly motivated by bullying that had happened at school and online.

One thought on “A Sinister Case of Cyber-bullying

  1. This indictment of Lori Drew, whether she gets convicted or not, makes me believe that there really is some justice in this world.

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