Danielson Sets Sights on Costello’s Superior Court Seat


Looks like we’ll have at least one contested election in this fall’s Kitsap County Superior Court judge contests.

I received an email today that Bruce Danielson will be going for position #1 which Judge Leonard Costello will vacate. Danielson has told us already his aspirations to run, but hadn’t decided which seat he was going for (until now).

It appears he’ll face Greg J. Wall, a longtime Port Orchard lawyer who has already said he’ll be running for the seat vacated by Costello.

That leaves uncontested races for the seven other incumbents (for now): Anna M. Laurie, M. Karlynn Haberly, Leila Mills, Russell W. Hartman, Theodore Spearman, Jay B. Roof and Sally F. Olsen. But filing week isn’t until June, so we’ll see what happens.

From the email, here’s what Danielson’s platform looks like, according to the email from Kris Danielson, his wife:

“The safety of our community is a high priority for Bruce. He feels the judiciary needs to take a firm position ensuring that safety. Judges have broad discretion within sentencing guidelines. A Judge should never let outside influences, such as overcrowding of jails, influence their sentencing decisions. It is essential that a Judge balance the rights of the accused, the victim’s desire for justice, along with the need to protect the public at the same time upholding the Constitution and the rule of law.”

“Bruce often states, “People aren’t aware how the decisions made by a Superior Court impact their daily lives. While many of the decisions go unnoticed, they certainly are felt.” As a judicially independent judge he will decide cases fairly and impartially. Bruce believes a judge should work and make decisions independently free of “group” thinking and influence. The judiciary is not the place for enacting legislation.”

Danielson has received endorsements from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Guild, Kitsap County Realtors Association, Bremerton Police Management Association, and Washington State Supreme Court Jusitice Richard B. Sanders, according to a press release from the Committee to Elect Bruce Danielson.

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