Prescription Meds on Rise in Drug Culture

Who’d heard of a pharmacy robbery 10 years ago?

Obviously, something in a pharmacy has to have become valuable enough to certain members of society that they’d be willing to take it by force.

And as many of us know, that “something,” is prescription painkillers, mainly opiate-based medications such as OxyContin, Vicodin and Methadone.

Those drugs — whose effects are more are less akin to heroin’s — are supposed to be used to treat cancer patients and those recovering from serious injuries. But they’re terribly addictive. And now, a growing portion of society’s drug addicts are hooked not just on meth, cocaine, and heroin, but also drugs with an FDA stamp of approval.

But why is it growing?

I am attempting to answer that for an upcoming story. But if any of you have your opinions or experiences with this, I am all ears.

3 thoughts on “Prescription Meds on Rise in Drug Culture

  1. Interesting that our culture of taboos prevents marijuana use (not abuse) from being widely accepted.


    Port Hadlock

  2. This is nothing new really,its only being reported more in the main stream media.

    Look at all the pills over the years that were ‘in vouge’ quaalude’s,valium,benzedrine,seconol ,ect.

    Lets face it,people like to get high,and until the day comes that people won’t like to get high anymore,there will always be something that is a trendy pill to take.

  3. My mom worked for a drug store chain back in the 60s and 70s and was robbed a few times, but like Shawn said it was different drugs then what they want today.

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