Wiggins Contemplates Supreme Court Run — But Opts Out

Charlie Wiggins, a long-time Bainbridge-based attorney and one-time court of appeals judge, pondered a run for the state supreme court.

He’d explored filing with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission. But when I called him Wednesday for a possible story, he said he’d had a change of heart.

“The timing just didn’t seem right to me,” said Wiggins, a graduate of the Duke School of Law.

Still, that doesn’t mean Wiggins will be out of the sphere of Washington legal issues. He maintains a practice on Bainbridge Island and handles mostly appeals in civil cases. As past president of the Washington chapter of the American Judicature Society, he’s been quoted in numerous stories criticizing the way judges for elections are funded. He’s even served on the Kitsap Sun’s editorial board.

Races for judiciary seats — from the state supreme court down to the superior court — will ramp up after filing week in June. I’d love to hear thoughts from readers about why they care — or don’t care — about electing judges.

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