‘Crack-Cocaine Look Alike’ Candy Pulled

Hershey Co. has decided to stop producing its “Ice Breakers” candy out of criticism the product looked a little to much like crack cocaine, according to EIN News.

The decision was made because Philadelphia Police told Hershey that tiny heat-sealed bags of crack sold on the streets “look almost identical,” to the Hershey product, EIN news said.

Hershey won’t be producing any new Ice Breakers, but isn’t pulling them from the shelves either.

The story reminds me of one that ran last March in USA Today about the rise of candy flavored and colored methamphetamine. Obviously, Hershey was producing candy, not meth, but drug dealers were attempting to do what Hershey put a stop to — muddying the difference between candy and drugs.

Do you think Hershey made a wise choice?

One thought on “‘Crack-Cocaine Look Alike’ Candy Pulled

  1. Halloween is coming up. My kids are very excited to go trick or treating. Right now the drug world is so crazy so I don’t even know if I want to take my kids trick or treating. I heard that people put meth that looks like candy inside of little packages and give them out to kids. They look just like candy and kids don’t know any better so they eat it and they could die.s

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