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It Might Have Happened


This just in from my editor, Scott Ware, who provided me a page from the Methow Valley News in Twisp.

I guess I should give a disclaimer with this: it’s not a joke. It comes from the October 24 edition, and includes other small-town Code 911 stories such as:

“A trailer on French Creek was seen with its door open. It had never been seen that way before so the cops were called.”

“Some juveniles in Twisp were advised to move on.”

“Report of a hunter spotlighting a deer on Balky Road turned out to be a rancher looking for his steer.”

I guess the lesson here is that there are different levels of what makes good police “blotter,” or what we call Code 911 stories.

Lug nuts and PCP Taserings these are not.

Not Criminal … But Not Very Nice Either

June Tubbs of South Kitsap is a woman down on her luck.

The craigslist story she relayed to me isn’t necessarily criminal, but it is quite rude. And while her tale deviates a bit from the usual blog fodder you’ll find at the forum, it is something we can all learn from in the age of the Internet.

In short, she is the victim of the kind of cyber-bullying we’ve written much about in the Kitsap Sun.

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Something Smells


Andrew Binion writes:

WARNING TO READERS: A former editor of mine called it the “breakfast test.”

If you could read the story over a plate of eggs and bacon without retching, it could go in the paper.

The following story without a doubt does not pass the before-mentioned test. It is not meant to be printed in the paper, but still, do not attempt to eat or prepare food during or shortly after reading it. And wash your hands for crying out loud.

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Traffic Stop + Drugs = Arrest


It goes without saying, but one of the primary ways law enforcement peers into the lives of drug users is by making traffic stops on the cars they drive.

This weekend’s police reports included a number of stops, and situations in which Kitsap cops found a garden variety of street drugs: heroin, marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy.

Most of the time, drugs are found after a search of a car. All an officer needs to search a car is a reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed (many times, that crime is a suspended license).

Here’s a synopsis of the traffic stops from the weekend that turned up drugs, according to various agencies’ police reports:

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Cops in the Classroom: Bainbridge Could get ‘SRO’

Josh Farley writes:


It’s no secret that demands on law enforcement officers continue to change in this day and age, and one of the more specialized roles is the School Resource Officer, or SRO for short.

We’ve written much about the role of an SRO this year, and the overall impact of police in schools.

Most school districts have an SRO: The Port Orchard, Poulsbo and Bremerton police departments each contract with their respective school districts, as does the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office for the North and South Kitsap school districts.

Meanwhile, the Bainbridge and Central Kitsap School Districts continue to go it with security guards. Although according to the Bainbridge Notebook blog, the island could indeed get its own school resource officer soon.

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Chronology of Case Against Former SK Pastor

Josh Farley writes:


Like many high-profile criminal investigations in Kitsap County, the sex abuse case building against Robbin Leeroy Harper has moved quickly since the sheriff’s office announced they were looking for him last Friday.

Detectives, upon receiving a 911 call, secured a search warrant for his house and interviewed at least seven people claiming to have endured sexual abuse by Harper. The entire time, they kept the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office — which began to formulate charges — informed with new information.

Here’s a chronology of this past week’s events. I’ll keep this updated with current happenings in the case against the former pastor.

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