Troopers with Fashion Sense

Next time you get stopped by a state trooper, be sure to compliment him or her on that award-winning bow tie and “Smokey Bear” hat.

The Washington State Patrol was voted the “best dressed” state law enforcement agency in the country by the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors, an organization that claims to be “The voice of the uniform industry since 1933.”

A story by the Associated Press says the agency has been runner-up for a few years, but this time, they got the top nod.

Here’s the story’s take on the uniforms:

“Judges were impressed by the Washington troopers’ formal uniform, which includes the black bow tie on a long-sleeved blue shirt, with darker blue pocket flaps, epaulets and cuffs.

Matching blue pants sport a dark blue stripe down the side, and the peaked, flat-brimmed dark blue felt cap tops it all off.

There are several variations of a Washington trooper’s uniform, depending on duty, and many don’t wear the formal bow tie in day-to-day service.”

And what about our other law enforcement agencies? Well, here’s a blog I wrote about what they wear.

And, if you do get a chance to compliment a state trooper … well, it probably won’t get you out of a ticket, but who knows?

7 thoughts on “Troopers with Fashion Sense

  1. Troopers can wear a turtle neck instead of the bow tie. I personally think a bow tie is a little to much of an accessories for a uniform. Love the hats!!

  2. Somehow I thought State Patrol excitement and awards would pertain to law enforcement, not ‘formal’ dress code.

    Maybe the Sheriffs Department will consider changing their sloppy look for something more in keeping with their demanding job.
    Maybe not.

    How does the State Patrol have the excess money to spend on earning the best dressed law enforcement agency title?

    Maybe they could help the SO’s department…costs or advice would probably be welcome.

    Their law enforcement talents are legendary…maybe that makes up for sloppy appearing uniforms?

  3. I think all of our LE agencies look great. When you consider that besides what we see on the outside they wear bullet proof vests and all the equipment they have to carry on their belts, guns, tasers, cuffs, etc. they look good to me. Question – are uniforms provided by the departments or do they get an allowence to purchase their own?
    drc- if you are reading this- my hands are cold!

  4. Sharon, I think the Sheriffs have some new uniforms. They are either dark blue or black with ball caps. They are very sporty and more relaxed and friendly. I am not sure if these new uniforms are worn only for special calls or not but I have seen a few. Every job needs some morale boosters and it could not have cost that much for the award

  5. The Best Dressed Award DID NOT cost taxpayers a single penny! The award was given by the uniform manufacturer’s industry. This is a way they, uniform makers, can self-promote. Personally, I believe our law enforcement agencies in WA. State do a great job. There are two reasons professionals want to look good in a uniform. The first is personal pride. Professionals that take pride in their appearance usually take pride in their performance. The second reason, and the most important for Peace Officers, is the projection of authority. If you knew what these people had to deal with on a regular basis, you would not begrudge their uniforms or compensation. They are truly the Thin Blue Line that protects society.

  6. Yes, they all look great in their uniform. That is quite an honor for them to receive. However, I too don’t like the bow tie.

    On a side note, TJ, why are your hands cold?

  7. Thanks, Elaine….
    Bill I’m not sure why we care that the uniform makers ‘self-promote’ with the WSP, but it is a relief to know the uniform makers donate the uniforms in exchange for the publicity. Good for them!

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