Marijuana as Medicine: The Debate Continues

Josh Farley writes:

It’s illegal in all 50 states, according to the federal government. In just 12 states — including Washington — those who can find a doctor who will “recommend” it can have it. But they’re not told how to get it or who to get it from.

That’s the current world of marijuana as medicine. But the Washington Department of Health hopes to make a vague law, passed by the state’s voters in 1998, a little bit more lucid.

Here’s my question for you: How much pot should someone with full legal clearance to use it be allowed to have?

Each state’s rules are a little different. Some say a few ounces, while Oregon, for instance, says 24 ounces. But Washington’s was by far the most vague — a “60-day supply” — with no clarification on what that means.

That’s led law enforcement and the state’s prosecutors to write their own guidelines. And it has made doctors and patients who are willing to participate have to tip-toe, while still fearing federal prosecution (marijuana is illegal to the feds under any jurisdiction).

So what should Washington do?

2 thoughts on “Marijuana as Medicine: The Debate Continues

  1. I sat in on a court hearing that concerned medical marijauna. This involved a social worker and a person who has dirty UA.s for THC It was pretty interesting watching a social worker try to down play a doctors orders. In that case it involved keeping a child in foster care because of a prescribed medication. The child was kept in foster care while they investigate the doctor. My thought on this was are they could start taking kids because someone is prescribed other much stronger mind altering drugs? Pretty scarey when courts can rule on medical treatment with out going to medical school.

  2. Seems to me the only person qualified to prescribe drugs is the doctor….why wouldn’t the doctor determine how much is needed?
    That is their job… or a pharmacist job.

    That said…the state had no business overriding a Federal law!

    NO STATE should have any law contrary to a Federal Law … and eleven states joined with Washington to deliberately ‘form their own country of laws’ disobeying Federal law.

    The same number of states joined with Washington to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens too!

    Astounding. We forbid illegals from coming here but reward them for breaking our own immigration laws by giving them a drivers license along with tax supported free medical care from doctors and hospitals plus free perks from tax supported service organizations.

    Each dollar we spend on illegals is another dollar kept from our legal citizens – our taxpayers.
    Why don’t we care?
    Sharon O’Hara

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