Welcome to ‘Kidnap’ County

Josh Farley writes:

We received the below letter a few weeks back from an inmate named Elizabeth Virginia Mathiesen at the Kitsap County jail. It actually ran as a letter to the editor, but it includes a paragraph at the bottom I wanted to share on this blog.

Her letter shares her thoughts about corrections officers at the jail, and that she believes they do good work. But at the end of her letter is a jail poem-of-sorts.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard some of these rhymes from inmates at the county jail. But I thought Mathiesen’s take on it is particularly eloquent:

Come to Kidnap County, It’s pretty you’ll see;

but know if you do they won’t let you leave!

You can come on vacation

and chance receiving a citation,

then leaving on probation & if this happens,

count on returning due to a violation.

One thought on “Welcome to ‘Kidnap’ County

  1. My sister was incarcerated in the kitsap county jail. She was arrested for a non-violent crime. While she was there I became both frustrated and confused about the health care she received. Or should I say didn’t receive. The health care is ran by a company called Conmed. She has reumitiod arthritis and a disc disorder. I was told I could bring her her meds. I refilled them and took them in and was then told she could not have them. I was told the doctor in jail would supply those for her. Which they did not and would not. All of her meds are non-narcartic and muct be taking every day for her pain control. I have also been told (not by Conmed) that if a inmate is taking meds for mental illness that they have the choice of taking the meds and staying in lock down or not take them and stay in with the other inmates. Do you see the wrong in that? I hope this is not true.I believe in time for the crime.I have many police officers in my family. Take away the TVs, the entertainment, make them work for their supper, but give them the meds that some need to maintain their health. I’m sure I’m just one of many that have been frustrated knowing a loved one is suffering inside the kidnap county jail.

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