Art Crime is Long, Life Is Short

Andrew Binion writes:

When you think of “art crimes,” does Britney Spears come to mind? Graffiti? Maybe those fruitcakes who cover random objects in wrapping paper and declare, smugly, Voila!

You would be wrong.

On Thursday the FBI announced (late) the recovery of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Madonna of the Yarnwinder,” which had been stolen by some heartless snakes. And I, for one, breathed a sigh of relief.

The FBI has it’s own Web site dedicated to Art Crimes, although I think that calling them “Art Crimes” is a little artistic in itself. You go, FBI!

Not surprisingly, topping the list of “art crimes” is the looting of Iraqi museums during the American invasion in 2003. Click here for more info.

One thought on “Art Crime is Long, Life Is Short

  1. Looting public museums, stealing artifacts of that country history is beyond mere theft from a museum.
    It is stealing and robbing the citizens and future citizens of visible tokens of their ancestors and history….pieces of their past… where they come from…a country may be at war fought on their own land, but their public museum artifacts must be left alone for the next generation… and the war thieves held accountable.
    …in my opinion …
    Sharon O’Hara

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