Falling Behind on Domestic Violence

Josh Farley writes:

The Kitsap County Courthouse had a busy Columbus Day, especially at the superior court arraignment calendar. That’s where defendants are brought before a judge to hear their charges for the first time.

Typically, corrections officers at the Kitsap County jail after a weekend bring about eight to 10 inmates, handcuffed together, into superior courtroom 212 and have them sit in the jury box until it’s their turn to approach the bench.

On Monday, three sets of inmates were brought up from the jail, a larger-than-average group by most standards. And much of the crime was domestic violence.

So why so many domestic arrests?

It may have something to do with a change in the weather.

Domestic violence seems to increase when the weather goes south, and thus more couples and families spend more time indoors. That increase leads some to have further domestic troubles, and experience a little more cabin fever.

“When the weather changes and it’s raining, people get stuck in the house,” said David Lewis, a Kitsap County domestic violence specialist who helps residents attain protection orders. “In the summer time, when you get mad, you leave. When it’s raining, who’s gonna take the walk then?”

I’ll be doing a story on this today, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on this analysis.

(Note: The above photo is not of the Kitsap County Courthouse.)

12 thoughts on “Falling Behind on Domestic Violence

  1. Why so many domestic violence calls?

    It could depend on how many ships are in…what is the KC population compared to other seasons during DV calls?

    Maybe the amount of DV is the same, but neighbors or the victums are more willing to complain.
    What is the repeat factor?
    Something to stress is the fact Kitsap County offers help to domestic violence victims and their families… no one need be a victim of domestic violence more than once.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Josh,

    As a Paralegal in a city prosecutor’s office I can tell you that Monday is always a busy day for arraignments from arrests that occurred over the weekend. However, as the weather gets colder and darker, I believe that people’s moods are affected adversely. Days get short and so do tempers. This leads, I believe, to cabin fever as you mentioned. However, I have noticed a decrease in DUI’s during the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this is seasonal or just an anomoly. I keep an unofficial graph for various crime types, D.V., DUI and Other crimes that include thefts, assaults (non-D.V.) and driving crimes. I will let you know how things pan out over the next few months if you like. Also, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

    Bill Minks

  3. Sharon,
    Why immediately blame the Navy for KC’s DV crimes? Yesterday’s arraignment had ONE active duty member that was being charged with violating his RO. The rest were NON-military criminals. So why start off your comment with, “…it could depend on how many ships are in…” Though there will always be criminals in every walk of life, why can’t we remember how hard these men and woman work to protect YOUR freedom? Why can’t we remember that they work harder then most with being gone from family and friends for months on end? Please believe me, no matter what your occupation is, there is no excuse for criminal behavior, but why blame KC’s DV on the number of ships in?

  4. CMC Spouse … if a carrier comes in that has 3,000 people aboard, why wouldn’t that POSSIBLY factor in on the population equation at given times of the year?

    I didn’t ‘blame’ the Navy for anything. What else do we have that increases population so dramatically at times?
    I’m sorry that you took my comment as a criticism.
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. I have a friend that is a doctor who was what I refer to as a bum magnet. She only dated professional men. She had one prominent doctor barricade himself in her home and beat her with a cue stick. Another choked her almost to death. She was always afraid to call the police because of her position in the professional community. This was several years ago but I am sure there are many more like her. I believe our weather affects people. Most of all I believe the lack of self respect so many people seem to have is a huge factor. The lack of support for people at a personal level has diminished over the years. Even though there are plenty of places people can turn to for help that are funded by the government. many people are afraid to run and give up their lifestyle. Some have been beaten down so bad they do not believe they are victims. my own daughter was terrorized by a sailor. She fled only to have this guy stalk her for several years. We once found his ID in the back yard of our new home. I wanted to track him down and handle the situation the old fashioned way also. She still shakes when we pass the house that she was locked in a basement for days by this creep. He was on the Nimitz his fellow sailors knew what was going on and protected him. This makes me believe that the population increase from ships contributes to higher incidences. Social status is not a factor in domestic violence.

  6. EWE,
    You of course called the police for both your friend and more importantly your daughter, right? You notified your daughter’s boyfriend’s command not only of the cover up of his few friends but also of the low life that was hurting your innocent daughter? (I pray she gets the help she needs. Nobody deserves to be treated the way she was.) I would take on the entire Navy if any sailor, or anybody for that matter, ever layed a hand on my daughter.
    Sharon, now I see your point and I apologize for the way my comment came out. The increase is extremely low though. I would say at least 85% of the sailors in the Navy want to keep their jobs. The younger ones may not be going for a careeer, but the short time in the service they don’t want to be kicked out for being stupid….but of course there are always the few.
    Per the JCS, who as you know, has only been home just shy of two months, has reported less then 10 DUIs which sadly included losing one of their sailors and less then 5 other charges. I would say that’s pretty good when you take into consideration the number of crimes that have been committed in KC in the last few months.
    Find me a crime-free county and I’ll have my bags packed.

  7. Domestic Violence(no contact orders) is a tool used by women and their attorneys. There is a domestic violence industry in our land that was put in place by the Femi-nazi movement. If your a male you have no rights. Like me, you can be jailed and thrown out into the street because your wife lied to a judge without you there to defend yourself.The domestic violence industry will suck you in, take your money and spit you out the other end with nothing! Your constitutional rights mean nothing! The free legal services people (paid for by your hard earned taxes) will set you up (with the help of the sheriff’s and court), jail you and throw you out into the street with nothing. They all will make fraudulent documents and commit perjury in court to take away everything you have. The amount of corruption connected to the domestic violence industry is amazing. It is a self generating industry as the more poor men who are sucked into the system, the more they can show that they need more money and laws to deal with the “problem.” I’m 62 years old and had never been in jail or done anything wrong, but I am now a criminal because of the corrupt system. When I was growning up there was no such thing as a domestic violence industry. We had “peace officers” who brought peace to a situation, now you have “enforcement officers” whose only job is to arrest you, what has happened to our country? Every town in America bigger than 50,000, 90% have SWAT teams, every town smaller than 50,000 70% of them have SWAT teams. Our government couldn’t bring in the army to deal with us, so they found a way around “possi comitatus” by helping the police (sheriff’s) to become an arm of the military by giving them military weapons, training and clothes.

  8. It seems the Kitsap Sun is afriad to post my blog on the Domestic Violence industry and how it destroys mens lives when women lie to have them thrown in jail and out into the street.Talk about biased reporting. Shame, shame Kitsap Sun. Tell the whole story not just the femi-Nazi side. You also might want to look into the corruption in the Port Orchard Court house and the Sheriff’s office.

  9. Mr. Webster,
    I hope you are able to work with the court system instead of against it. Lying, more likely then not, comes from both sides. There are more ‘no contact” orders placed against men then women, but it is not unheard of of a man being the victim. We just don’t hear about it as often.
    If you’re a man or woman enough to abuse then you’re big enough to face jail time….exactly where any criminal should be. Find me one criminal that doesn’t lie to help him/herself. That person doesn’t care, be it a DUI charge, drug possession, DV charge whatever, about the impact that s/he has caused.
    Obviously I don’t know anything about your case. I can only “assume” it has something to do with a DV charge. Who ever made the charges must have felt threatened in some shape or form. I hope you both get the help you need.

  10. Mr. Webster, there are men who have experienced domestic violence, woman are not the only ones.

    CMC Spouse, I have a relative who is in prison for a DUI and he never lied about the situation, owned up to the whole situation and very much understands the impact of what he did. He has shown remorse since it happened and has thankfully learned from his mistake.

  11. Because of pending litigation I can’t say very much about may case, but let me tell you about a friend of mine named Frank. Frank’s wife was having having an affair and gambling. Frank collects vintage firearms. Franks wife gets a free tax payer paid attorney and she in conjuction with the police filed a no contact order in Frank’s son’s name by mistake.(The police thought Frank has a machine gun and they wanted to flog that story to the papers. There was no machine gun.) Well, they issue the no contact order in such a way that Frank doesn’t realize what it is. One morning Frank comes home from work and calls his wife at work. His wife calls the police,tells them that Frank has called her and has talked about using guns against the police. The police hold an assault rifle and pistol on Frank, arrest him and after that throw him out into the street.(Frank’s never been arrested before or had a parking ticket in 42 years!)Frank has now lost everything he owns, a childs custody, must pay his wife $1000. a month and she is free to continue her affair and gamble away the $1000. a month that Frank was ordered to give her.

  12. CMC Spouse, Of course I called the police. This guy is still on the streets. By the time my daughter escaped her bruises had healed. His CO did nothing that I am aware of. To many witness’s there that protected him. For all I know the CO was there. I am still a little angry at the situation. No contact orders only work when we deal with law abiding citizens. No contact orders are written clearly. There can be no misunderstanding. They even state you can go to jail even if you have been invited. No direct or indirect contact is pretty simple to figure out.

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