Sizing up our Local Police

The U.S. Department of Justice released its 2006 Crime in the United States report Monday (find it here) and there’s all kinds of interesting data to look at, including lots of local stuff.

For example, here’s the staffing levels at our local police departments (and sheriff’s office)*:

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office
Officers: 128
Civilians: 36
Total: 164

Bremerton Police Department
Officers: 57
Civilians: 19
Total: 76

Bainbridge Island Police Department
Officers: 21
Civilians: 5
Total: 26

Port Orchard Police Department
Officers: 19
Civilians: 2
Total: 21

Poulsbo Police Department
Officers: 17
Civilians: 3
Total: 20

*The Tribal Departments of the Port Madison Suquamish and the Port Gamble S’Klallam weren’t listed. Also, I couldn’t find a local breakdown of Washington State Troopers stationed at District 8 in Bremerton. If anyone knows how to find that data, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Sizing up our Local Police

  1. Hi Josh – KCSO recently lost 4 deputies due to retirement or resignation. Because of the hiring freeze, they aren’t expected to be replaced. The big point to make though is how KCSO stacks up to other County agencies. KCSO is currently ranked 37th out of the 39 Washington counties in deputies per population. That’s pretty sad. (Info found on the WASPC website.)

  2. Josh,

    The Bremerton Police Department has sent new officers to the Academy and added more officers this year. Please check with Chief Rogers as to the current numbers.


  3. Pretty sad place to be when we are losing employees in law enforcement and have 90 cps workers in Bremerton compared to the minute amount of qualified people to investigate the crime of child abuse and neglect. Wonder how many kids will be wrongfully taken from good families because investigations are done by unskilled people that are not in the justice field? How many kids will be left in dangerous homes because these unskilled investagators are in charge.

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