More ‘Pro-Act’-ivity

The Bremerton Police Department’s “pro act” team of officers conducted another criminal emphasis in the Westpark housing area Monday evening, according to a press release I received today.

Seven officers, from patrol and the detectives division, scoured Westpark for suspicious activity. The area was chosen due to “frequent 911 calls for assistance,” the release said.

The effort saw 9 police reports written, including six arrests for criminal traffic
violations such as driving with a suspended license, 2 arrest warrant arrests and 2 additional arrests. In one case, a man that had allegedly pawned 16 stolen DVD movies from Blockbuster on Kitsap Way was spotted by officers and arrested.

Since its inception earlier this year, the pro act team has conducted criminal emphases in high-crime areas, set up bait cars to lure thieves, and held traffic emphases on streets around the city.

9 thoughts on “More ‘Pro-Act’-ivity

  1. Congratulations, Bremerton Police Department!
    Your new “pro act” team is bound to make a significant impact on currant high crime rated areas you patrol from time to time.
    Thank you for your diligence.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. Another area that could use some extra attention is the end of Sheridan Road, near Lions Field. I’ve seen a lot of impaired driving out of an apartment complex there on Sheridan. Follow those drivers up to Pine Road or to Wheaton Way and pull them over for field sobriety tests.

    Weekend nights after 9 or 10 PM seem to be the worst.

  3. I don’t really agree on these sting operations,however obviously West Park is and has been known as a crime haven for a very long time.

    I guess they better have more of these before the West Park people move out of there and filter throughout the city!

    If I remember correctly,wasn’t there a Police/Sheriff substation located in West Park itself?Why was this removed to begin with?

  4. Shawn, not all West Park people are the same. I know one family there who have taken to getting their life back together. They went back and got their GED’s and the wife has gone on to college and she is going for an Accounting degree. They will be starting their own business and if that don’t make it then she has accounting to fall on. She and her family are very steadfast in their goals. Plus they have been clean and sober for 10 years. Not your typical west park people. Rents being as they are is why they are still there.
    The police station moved to burwell. Bigger and a little more localized, and on a main road accessible to major roads such as Warren.

  5. Yeah I know that not ‘everyone’ is a bad apple in West Park,and it has got somewhat better over the years.

    But if West Park WASN’T so bad,why would the police have sting operations there?

    I am not talking about the main police department,there was a small sub-station there where the police had a small shop set up to remind everyone they were there watching.Again,this was several years ago.

  6. The Westpark Community Center has a Bremerton police officer permanently assigned to that location. He coordinates public safety issues within the development with BHA staff.

    Kurt Wiest
    Executive Director
    Bremerton Housing Authority

  7. The police had their sting because of the few that do cause everyone else problems.You have your good and bad in every neighborhood. I know about the sub station. They took the substation and moved the substation to burwell like I said. Call and ask. The police will confirm my statement.

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