Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff … Covered in a Thick, Syrupy like Substance’

A woman is suing the Bremerton School District after she apparently slipped on a recently waxed or mopped floor at Bremerton High School on July 16, 2004. She claims there wasn’t any “warning signs” around the area, according to the lawsuit, filed July 13 in Kitsap County Superior Court.

The woman was with clients from a local hospital at the school, when one of them ran off and went into the kitchen area. The plaintiff “went into the kitchen to retrieve her client,” and fell on the floor, “finding herself covered in a thick syrupy like substance,” court documents said.

The lawsuit says the plaintiff was “severely injured,” and “that although medical attention and supportive remedies have been resorted to, said injuries, together with pain, discomfort and limitation of movement, prevail and will continue to prevail for an indefinite time into the future.”

The plaintiff is requesting damages in the form of her medical expenses and others proved at trial.

One thought on “Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff … Covered in a Thick, Syrupy like Substance’

  1. The kitchen wasn’t a public area, was it?

    Did the client the woman ran after fall as well?
    What was the substance?
    Was it a fresh spill and the kitchen personnel hadn’t time to clean it up?
    Was the woman hurt?
    Sharon O’Hara

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